Each year we help thousands of dental practices achieve their business goals through a combination of market leading dental software, best practice insight and a dedicated team of coaches who become an extension of your practice team. Choosing the right dental software partner can make all the difference to the success of your practice and we provide you with all the tools and support you need to run a great business, so you can focus on patient care.



30 years spent developing dental software, solutions and business insight to help dental practices unlock their full potential has taught us an important lesson: it’s people who make the difference.

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Workflow Efficiency

Your team needs time to focus on your patients and performance, not repetitive tasks and daily admin. At SOE we let the dental software do the work for you.

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Patient Experience

SOE’s cutting-edge dental software will completely revolutionise the way patients engage with your practice at every touch-point. Are you ready to go contactless?

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Practice Growth

Whether you’re focused on growing revenue, profit or your service offering; we have a team of experts on-hand who have helped thousands of dental practices to achieve their goals.

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And start your own journey towards maximum practice performance. Open to all SOE Customers and included within your existing service fees, our award-winning Customer Success Programme ensures you get the most out of your investments with SOE, and hit your business growth targets.

Your dedicated Customer Success Consultant will work with you to identify opportunities within your practice, set realistic targets and show you how to monitor and achieve your goals. We have a team of experts in practice growth, workflow efficiency and patient experience on hand, ready to help you and your team.


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Of practices on the Customer Success Programme hit their UDA target in 2022.
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For your patients

Transform your patient journey at every touchpoint, minimising customer effort and increasing loyalty

For your team

Our 30-year focus on process automation reduces admin for your team, freeing up time for what’s important

For your business

Expert consultants will work with you to maximise your business potential


We take accountability for your practice performance, committing to achieving your goals

For your peace of mind

Our award-winning Customers Service teams make sure you always get the most out of EXACT V13


  • EXACT Dental Software
  • Patient Portal
  • 免费外网加速器手机 MyPractice Cloud Business insight
  • Automated Recalls
  • 免费外网加速器手机 Online Booking
  • 谁有免费的外网加速器软伀 Electronic Forms
  • 免费外网加速器手机 Campaign+ Patient Marketing
  • Channel Track Marketing ROI
  • Online Reputation Manager
  • Examine Pro Digital Imaging


Precision-engineer your practice performance
Every day, EXACT dental software helps thousands of successful UK dental professionals to improve the patient experience, automate admin tasks and identify revenue opportunities.
Switching to EXACT has allowed me to take more time out from the practice knowing that everything is working as it should.
Dr Amajit Sohal Partner & Cosmetic Dentist, MDDr. BSc 蚂蚁vp(永久免费)
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Patient Portal

Online forms sent directly to your patients phone
Let your patients complete their admin before they arrive at your practice, and free up valuable time for your front desk team.
Prior to my appointment, I found the questionnaire on my phone about requiring details very easy to use and follow. It meant my appointment ran very smoothly. Rating: ★★★★★
Sue Helmer Patient -
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Real-time performance insights
Access vital performance information from your dental software any time on any device, via this cutting edge business analytics tool.
With Mypractice Cloud, data visualisations take seconds to generate and are very useful for identifying emerging trends in our practices
Phil Tangri Practice Owner Scott Arms Dental Practice
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Automated Recalls

Let your dental software automatically re-engage your patients
Send highly effective recall and reminder messages automatically from your dental software and track success with EXACT V13.
The result for the business has been staggering; from September to December last year we saw a 24% increase in the number of returning patients.
JAMES TODD Business Development Manager 什么加速器能进外网
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Online Booking

Appointment bookings around the clock
A simpler, more convenient way for your patients to book appointments.
The practice is now attracting around 180 new patients every month, with 54% booking appointments out of surgery hours... which is a fantastic result.
Deborah Morris 永久免费外网加速器 Temple Street Dental Practice
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Go paperless now
Replace pens and paper with electronic patient forms on a tablet that integrate straight into EXACT.
Clinipad has enabled us to completely eliminate the need for paper medical history forms and saves a lot of time… I consider it an essential tool.
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Dental practice marketing made easy
Send automated personalised communications to your patients, while tracking your return on investment.
SOE's Patient Marketing Consultants have gone above and beyond to create exciting, well designed campaigns. I love the fact I can set up the campaigns and forget about them so I can concentrate on actually performing the treatments that I enjoy!
MORVEN GORDON-DUGG Principal Dentist 什么加速器能进外网
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Improve your marketing return on investment
Add trackable phone numbers to your website and marketing communications so you can really understand which channels work best for you. Listen to call recordings to ensure you are optimising the patient journey.
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Help patients find you
Improve your Google ranking and attract new patients with positive reviews from your existing ones.
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Examine Pro

Use your dental software to effortlessly manage digital images
Quickly and easily integrate digital images from multiple sources into a single database.
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So why not attend one of our Practice Growth Workshops, User Days or our lunch-time webinars?


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